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  • [出售中] 【投资澳洲】 顶级彩票书报贺卡店出售 真正的退休生意

    投资澳洲 发表于 21-8-2020 11:13:21
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    价格:$325,000+$60,000 (库存)
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    • 6天经营彩票书包贺卡店。 罕见机会1
    • 真正的退休生意。罕见机会2
    • 顶级彩票店及书包贺卡店,彩票销售仍在每年不断增长。罕见机会3
    • 利润丰厚,实属逆市而行。罕见机会4
    • 在过去的几十年内首次在市场出售。罕见机会5
    • 销售记录完整精确,生意信息齐全。
    • 电脑系统于2020年升级换代
    • 销售系统采用书报贺卡店专用的Tower系统,大量节省人工,提高效率
    • 店面陈设美观,工作环境优雅
    • 位于阿德莱德北部,交通便利直达市区
    • 店铺面对大型超市
    • 免费停车位供给业主及员工
    • 受全球疫情影响极小
    • 生意潜力:可开放周日营业,增加礼品销售
    • 适合商业投资移民或其他各类移民要求
    • 这是一个很好的家庭工作机会,可经营生意,兼顾孩子。做自己的老板,无需担心失业
    • 全程由专业生意中介指导,为彩票总局和房东的审批过程保驾护航,确保公平、合法、安全、顺利交接。

    致电唐义灵0412 265 932、电子邮件或添加微信,生意编号IVA20SA3。
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    生意经纪人:唐义灵 (投资澳洲生意买卖评估)
    手机:0412 265 932
    电子邮箱: [email protected]

    微信· yilingt44
    地址:33 Warwick Street, Walkerville SA 5081


    2019年南澳洲6个月销售奖(Ray White)
    2018 年南澳州最佳生意经纪人奖(澳大利亚生意经纪协会)
    2015年南澳州主席提名杰出贡献奖 (澳大利亚生意经纪协会)


    Top level lottery agent and newsagency for sale Genuine Retirement sale Adelaide SA
    Price: $325,000+$60,000(stock approximately)
    Business Information:

    ·      6 days Newsagency with lotto. Rare opportunity 1
    ·      Genuine retirement sale. Rare opportunity 2
    ·      Top level lottery agent and newsagency, lottery sales still keep on increasing. Rare opportunity 3
    ·      Highly profitable, against the current pandemic market trend. Rare opportunity 4
    ·      First time offer on the market during the last decades. Rare opportunity 5
    ·      Complete sales record and fully prepared information
    ·      Upgraded computer system in 2020
    ·      Point of Sale is professional Tower system, save the labour and improve the efficiency
    ·      Beautifully presented and good working environment
    ·      Locate in north part of Adelaide and convenient travel to Adelaide CBD   
    ·      Opposite the entrance of big supermarket
    ·      Free car parking for owners and staff
    ·      Minimum impact by Corona-virus pandemic
    ·      With potential to extend trading on Sunday and add more giftware
    ·      Suit for business investment visa and all the other immigrant visa requirements.     
    ·      It is a good family job opportunity. You can manage the business and look after your children at the same time. Be your own boss and never worry about unemployment.
    ·      The whole process of passing Lotteries and landlord approval will be guided by professional business broker to ensure a fair, legal, safe and smooth change over
    Please ring Yiling Tang now at 0412 265 932 or send me an email to obtain further information, (Ref IVA20SA3). She is not only a sales person, but also a business valuer and business advisor. You will be benefit with the information you take away.
    Business Broker: Yiling Tang (Investing Australia Business Sales & Valuations)
    Mobile: 0412 265 932
    Email: [email protected]
    Wechat: yilingt44
    Address: 33 Warwick Street, Walkerville SA 5081
    Website: www.investingaustralia.com.au

    SA 6 Monthly Awards 2019 (Ray White)
    South Australia Business Broker of the Year 2018 (AIBB)
    REISA Awards for Excellence Business Broker Finalist 2018
    The Most Difficult Sale Award 2018 (Benchmark Division)
    AIBB SA State Chairman Award 2015

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